How to Make Money on Youtube Without Making Videos

How to Make Money on Youtube Without Making Videos

Youtube is the most famous worldwide widespread video sharing and streaming website. Every day millions of people around the world upload their contents to sites in different niche. Youtube has monetization options; if a specific channel reaches a limited number of viewers and watches time hours, the owner gets paid for uploading the Content.

There are also many other ways to earn revenue from youtube; you don’t have to create your Content every time. If you want to earn money from youtube, you should keep a few things in mind. There is some particular way of earning from youtube. You will learn about the opportunities you will get on youtube.

How to make money on youtube without making videos.

Compiling Content 

Compiling Content means collecting different parts of a video and using them to create your unique video. In this case, the video has to be in a particular niche. This type of video processing requires time and effort; for developing the small pieces of the contents. If you succeed to make them more informative, then you won’t get any copyright restrictions. Usually, compelling multiple small clips Increases the effectiveness of your video.

If you don’t want to spend time compiling videos or collecting clips, there is another way of making money. You can easily earn money from re-publishing popular videos. This method requires research work; you can generate massive traffic and convert them into revenue.

There are four steps you have to follow for completing this method.


Choosing the Perfect Keyword

Whether the Content is yours or not, you have to make your brand. For making that, you have to create a fanbase. The first step is to select your niche; the niche has to be something good and exciting that could easily lure people to your site. Remember re-publishing content method usually generates money from ads, so you have to ensure proper Keyword research. For selecting your niche topic, user Google trends, choose your topic, check the graph, find out the best time to work with that particular topic. You will find various keyword search tools online such as KMfinder, SMERush, WordTracker use any of those to find keywords with the highest search and cost per click (CPC) value. Though it can bring you traffic, these high-value keywords are not easy to rank because your competition can beat you anytime. There is a solution to this issue; if you go for a longtail high-value keyword and a medium-range difficulty, you can easily survive on youtube. Longtail key competition doesn’t go far on youtube, so if your Content gets enough traffic, you can earn money easily. After conducting Keyword research, crosscheck the keywords with the TubeBuddy tag engine for difficulty check.

Re-Uploading Youtube Videos

Re-publishing videos is a modern method among YouTubers who don’t have any creative content. The process is straightforward: find out the common creative licensed videos, relate them with your keywords and niche, and optimize them for getting traffic; you can finally re-publish the videos and generate revenue quickly. If you still have any confusion about this process or don’t know about youtube features, then go to your youtube, click on your profile icon, and go to the creator studio go-to video editor. You will see CC(Creator commons); you can search contents in the search bar, change the title, and re-publish the Content.

Optimize Video For Generating Traffic

Generating traffic could be a lengthy process if you try organically; online tools such as clickbait. It’s currently one of the most popular traffic generators online. Famous media companies all over the world use this tool for traffic generation. You can use clickbait to bring people directly into your channel. The strategy requires photoshop skills to gain visitors’ curiosity; if you don’t have photoshop skills or are unwilling to give effort, then design an attractive thumbnail for the video. The Key to using clickbait effectively is writing juicy/shocking titles and thumbnails for getting viewers attention. But remember one thing, thumbnails and tags will only bring people, but they won’t stay longer in your channel; you must deliver quality and insightful video to achieve a good watch time.

Adding Captions to Your Content

If you want to boost your youtube videos, then adding captions is a perfect idea. You can quickly increase your videos keyword density and diversity by adding captions in your video. The keyword density and diversity are two things that help your video come to the top of the search results. Remember, youtube’s automatic generated CC captions do not get indexed, so it’s better to add your keywords. Adding captions to your video can increase your words in the YouTube video by about 1020+ and 350+ indexable search terms. Your keyword density will also increase in a better percentage.

Another benefit of adding captions to your video is that your Content will SEO optimized, and it will rank exceptionally well. Your earning will be double with optimized Content. Suppose your Content has 20,000K views and you are taking full advantages of AdSense, then a 20,000K video should generate 10,000$ revenue.

Turn On Your Monetization

Before you start generating revenue from your YouTube contents, you have to enable your monetization first. Monetization requires at least 1k subscribers. If you fill up their requirements, you can quickly generate revenue for enabling monetization click on your account icon and select creator studio and click on the money icon on the left side. After monetization allows the request, the google ad sense account will ask you a few questions. Usually, an absence request takes a day or two to get approval.

There are many ways to oporate an Youtube channel and earn money without making unique contents. You have to be patient and act tactically for being successful in this business. You won’t face success all the time; your channel analytics will be in your dashboard all time time. If you ever meet any fall, you know what to do, optimize the Content, or work on the Content’s quality.

How to make money on youtube without making videos.

How to Make Money on YouTube

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