How to make money on YouTube

Want to learn how to earn money from YouTube? Then you’ve to come to the right page. Every day, the world watches more than one billion YouTube videos. The platform’s huge popularity has shaped it from an entertainment platform to a very powerful monetization tool for personal brands and businesses.
That is why, in addition to creating a site to share your content, you’d post your videos on YouTube. Not only will this increase your reach, but it’ll also help you earn money from your viewers. In this post, we will take a look at some of the best and most efficient ways to make money on YouTube.

How to earn money from YouTube

First, you’ve to join the YouTube Partner Program to begin YouTube channel monetizing. So, how you can request to be part of this plan?

How to apply?


So, what do you need to join YouTube Partner Program? These are the requirements:

⦁ Meet the terms with monetizing policies

The platform will examine your YouTube channel to ensure you meet the terms of their monetization policies. If you do, they’ll keep analyzing so that you’re always in fine standing with YouTube. Officials will assess various aspects like the videos, theme of your channel, metadata, such as thumbnail or title. 

⦁ Have a minimum of 1,000 Channel subscribers and 4,000hrs public watch

You’ve to mark these numbers in the last twelve months to fulfill the terms. For the platform this information shows that you’re a great content creator, a minimum requirement to be a part of this plan.

⦁ Sign up AdSense Account 

In order to earn money must have an account or create one to lick all the YouTube channels you want.

⦁ Now wait for their reply 

Once you’ve fulfilled every requirement and linked your AdSense, your YouTube channel will be under review by the YouTube team, they’ll email you the final decision:

⦁ If they approve their request, you can start setting up and your advertisement preference and start monetizing.

⦁ If your application is declined it’s likely because you do not meet the policies and community guidelines. You can submit a request again after one month of being notified.

If you have not been approved, we recommend that you review the community guidelines and policies of YouTube. If, on the other hand, your application has admitted, always keep reading to learn more about monetization, it’ll help you a lot.

Make Money On Youtube Without Making Videos.

How to make money on YouTube internally?

There’re different methods to earn money on YouTube, the primary thing that you’d know is that you do it internally via the YouTube platform and outside with other services. You can make money on YouTube using various channels.

Channel Memberships

You can offer membership to your followers (subscribers) in exchange for monthly payments. These channel membership exclusive perks:

For example, badges that identify them as members of the YouTube channel or private chats. You can provide memberships if you’re older than eighteen years old and your channel has at least 30 thousand subscribers.

Ad revenue

You can money through several types of advertisements. To monetize with advertisements, you must be 18 years of old or have a lawful tutor over the age limit to admin your AdSense account. Also, you’ve to create content perfect for advertisers regarding drugs, adult, or violent content.

Super Chat and Super Stickers

Another method to make money is to highlight your fans’ messages in the chat streams in a swap for payment. If they pay you, they can get their messages pinned to be top of the chat. To use this incredible feature you just need to be in the state where this feature is specifically available.

Merchandise shelf

On your channel, uses can purchase branded merchandising or any other service or product that you sell. These products and services will showcase on your watch pages. To use this alternative to make money, you must have at least ten thousand YouTube subscribers.

Other methods to earn money on YouTube 

Here, the single requirement is to be consistent and to provide top quality. Which options do you’ve to monetize your channel outside?

Get affiliate links

This is a great method of generating money on several platforms. That is, it is not exclusive to YouTube. Affiliate advertising is quite straightforward. A site, business, or company provides you to collaborate with their affiliate plan via a link for your YouTube channel. Every time somebody takes an action from the link, you’ll earn a commission. The most vital thing is that the affiliate link is associated with the content you share. For example, a channel holder talks about body fitness and has a link to a gym wear store.

Sponsored Products 

If you work a bit hard and get a great number of subscribers and viewers, brands will fight for you. They’ll fight for appearing on your content by paying you an agreed amount of providing the products that you’re promoting. You can create an un-boxing video or video review. The product you’re advertising must be related to your video to avoid being too commercial or a disappointment to your viewers.

Create a Web TV series

Love telling wonderful stories? YouTube allows you to make your own Web TV series. You are limited only by your imagination…. and your actual budget. You can create drama series or comedy series, or your personal talk show. But, be aware that YouTube limits your series length to fifteen minutes. To upload longer content, you will need to boost your limit. If you are a frustrated screen writer, get a few friends, and record your own TV series. You never know, if you get massive viewership, you might develop a new career.

Renting out your video 

You can rent out individual content for cold, hard money, just like PPV (pay per view) service. Where you can set the circumstances you want to rent it out for also making either trailer to encourage people to purchase.  Choose to either sell your content permanently, allowing the person to view it whenever they like, or rent for a specific period, normally 24-72hrs.

Make Money On Youtube Without Making Videos.  

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